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Stealth Monkey a Sex Thing Made Up Of Three Parts:

1. When a man is fucking a woman from behind and he is about to cum he will quickly pull his cock out and spit on her back, this gives the woman the illusion of thinking he has cum on her back.

2. When she turns around the man will cum on her face and then throw shaven pubes in her face, as the pubes will stick, she will look like a monkey who is into stealth activities such as "Spot Me In The Dark".

3. The Man will then torment the woman by saying things such as: "You Just Got Stealth Monkey'd Bitch" or "Ha Harrrrr"

NOTE: Only steps 1 and 2 are neccesary in the stealth monkey, step 3 is down to personal preference.
Stealth Monkey Thailand
by MrGaGa February 06, 2009

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