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Dark Souls is the Sequel to the 2009 PS3 exclusive title ''Demon's Souls''. Dark Souls is an action RPG released in October 2011 by Bandai Namco and From Software.

In Dark Souls you play as a chosen Undead or "hollowed". Aside from the opening cinematic, the game lacks any real overarching story and is instead told by your interactions with various NPCS. The game features an open world with many interesting bosses each with their own unique looks and attacks.

Dark Souls is mistakenly considered a very difficult game, however, it is more of a trial and error game similar to Capcom's Mega man franchise. Players are meant to die in the game over and over until they eventually learn what they are supposed to do.

Dark Souls features a unique online multiplayer system where players can enter another players game and assist them with killing enemies or to duel in PVP.

The game features a lot of character and weapon customization and will keep players occupied for a long time.
I just died on Dark Souls again :(
by MrDarkSouls January 01, 2012

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