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To accidentally get something lodged in your nasal cavity, after choking. Often occurs when swallowing food wrongly, or during puking, when food is shooting upwards into your mouth. The victim usually spends time making disgusting noises with their sinuses to get the rogue item out of their nasal cavity. Sometimes, when the item is dislodged, it gets stuck in the throat again, renewing the process.
I was choking on a piece of food and when I hacked it up, I snarked it. It took me forever to get it back down.
by MrChowWow April 11, 2006
To intentionally get a song stuck in another person's head.
By merely humming the tune to 'Borderline', I totally earbombed Kevin. He couldn't think of any other song all day!
by Mrchowwow August 23, 2015

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