3 definitions by Mr.bones

Pie nigga its just a word to describe gay,its homo its pie its just there
-Yo my mom took away my call of duty 4


-idk homie she's being piee latly
by Mr.bones June 25, 2008
Some1 who is bingeing on Vodka but nothing else only vodka
-Damn son this niggas such a Vodkaholic

-Hell yeah he is like a crackhead....but with vodka

-Pieeee ass nigga lawlalwal
by Mr.bones June 25, 2008
Your are gay beyond reason,Like u'd caress another guys balls or something;also used as queerbag
-Yo Mikey is such a queer bag ballsack

-Hell yeah look at his myspace pics

-Pie ass dude yo lawlalwlalwalwlalwall what a queerbag
by Mr.bones June 25, 2008

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