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muslim country
On 19 June 1961, Kuwait became an independent state and since then it has been changing to the best because of petrol as the main income and exporting incom on 1990 kuwait was attacked by iraq and the invasion lasted for 7 monthes and took civilians (300) as prisoners of war sadly they died god rest their souls .. kuwait became free because of the actions of fellow arab countries and america now kuwait is a good peaceful country with allies all over the world and kuwait is known for helping poor countries in need in africa/asia
kuwait is improving none-stop now !
Guy : DUDE where u from ?
ME : kuwait
Guy : so u live in tents and ride camels ?
ME : no u fucktard we live in houses and we ride cars
ME : again no fucktard just because someone acts in the name of islam doesnt mean they are right MORON
Guy : sorry
ME : NOW GO !!
Guy *runs away*
by Mr.Truth June 11, 2005

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