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Short for "Now What The F*ck?"

From an Ohio news story where a woman's license plate was determined to be obscene.

This may be the first case where the DMV has coined a hip phrase.
Your name is Niple? NWTF?
by Mr.Toast August 04, 2006
Always ready for sex. A woman who is always lubricated or a man who is always erect. Can also be said of an animal.

"eveready" is usually considered a compliment, describing someone who is horny, but not necessarily slutty. Sometimes used with a bit of anxiety by someone who can't keep up with a partner's level of sexual desire.
"My new girlfriend is great. She's eveready. I started banging her while she was asleep and she was already wet."

"Have you seen how he always has a bulge in his pants?" "Yeah, he's eveready."

"Wow. Look at your dog's...uh...thing." "Oh yeah, he's eveready."
by Mr.Toast September 12, 2006
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