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An Adj to describe ones talking of rubbish..

this is because Yam, the food, has no taste and thus the words coming out of ones mouth means nothing to the listener..

NB: the person usually tells blatent lies accomodating the bullsh*t
Yout: Yo Cuz Mr.Obama Is Only President Cos He Be Black..

Listener: What F*cking Yam Have u Been Smoking?


Yout2: iDropped 40points In The Game And Dunked On You..

Listener: Your Clearly 5ft2 Stop Smoking Yams
by Mr.Tekk June 22, 2009
An Adj to describe ones talking of Hyperactivity..

this is because Sweets when consumed gives people increased energy, but when 'smoked' gives overhyperactivity leading to harmlessly talking a bit too much as if they were on crack ..

NB: the person usually is just hyperactive and hasnt really smoked anything and usually acts nerdy and talks alot
Yout: Hey Buddy Look At Me Im R2D2.. Wooo Hooo!!!.

<puzzled>Listener: You What Buddy?

Yout: Sorry Mayne, iThink iHave Been Smoking Sweets lol
by Mr.Tekk June 22, 2009
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