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How to avoid many things in the world:

A)While in prison don't bend over to pick-up a bar of soap, get someone else to do it
B)Don't pick up a transexual on the way home from a bar or strip-club, it'll be very painful
C)Dont be GAY!!!

2)Ugly people(In general)
A)Don't pick-up any ugly chicks unless your that damn desperate
B)Don't walk into them, they may have cooties(lol)or Herpes or any STD's known to mankind
C)Just dont talk to them

A)Don't walk into a fucking highway and stand there(that goes out to Joel)
B)Don't get high on heroine and pist drunk and grab a shotgun, you'll end up blowing your brains out
C)Don't call a black-man a nigger
D)DOnt go swimming with fat people(Like Fidel) he has man boobs
E)Dont go to any fetish clubs, their quite painful, besides their stretch your balls to your feet

4)Listening to music you hate
A)Don't go to any concerts that you hate, unless your going to go on stage rape the guy on the spot and burn everyone alive
B)Bring your own MP3, Ipod, or Discman, it helps turning off the world outside
C)Don't watch Much Music, it only plays fucking Hip-Hop and Rap nowadays
Avoid all the things above to survive in the outside world
by Mr.StoneFace May 11, 2005

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