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adj) the process by which someone divulges from regular society into a state of pure ''emo''.
examples of which could be dying ones hair black or expressing the feeling that the world is against you perhaps one may go as far as too cut themselves in a veign effort to attract some attention to them, yet never quite excepting that no-one gives a hoot about them and they should go home. you may address the example as having under gone the process of emoifying or emoification.
by Mr.Rickus November 14, 2006
when meetin up with an ex-girlfriend/ love/ one nighter you realise that your mates were correct and she was actually a fat mother huberd!!
matt-wasnt that your ex?
me-yes, yes it was!!!
matt-she was fat!!!
me-yes, you could say she was my fed-ex
by Mr.Rickus November 16, 2006
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