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Although,for centuries around centuries,known by many as core tennets of Hinduism and Budhism, the religious conotation of the word has been adultered for many westerns since the rise to fame of an overrated band whose leader,Kurt Cobain,did a piruete while holding a gun,with laughable results (which,in an irony omnipresent throughout the same culture's history,only perpetuated his status as an idol of mindless,uninteresting teens who haven't heard the true originators of Grunge during the sixties and as such deem him an actually original "artist").Therefore,remain aware of the context in which you use the noun,which may be the difference between many considering you respectable or a complete retard.
Nirvana is a mighty pain on the ass of my multiple arses.
by Mr.Pocket January 01, 2012

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