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1. like to company "Enron" (once a good company, gone bankrupt because of their ways). this a unisex term for one who has the illusion that they are highly valuable, has great morals, and is attractive; but in reality, they are goldiggers, liars, and overall whores sneaking behind your back.

2. the hidden office codename for a skank.
co-worker A: "damn, you see that new girl that came in today for her interview?"

co-worker B: "yeah, man i wouldn't tap that if i were you; Rob used to date her, said she's an enron"

co-worker A: "what the fuck?...aw hell naw you serious?"

co-worker B: " it's been confirmed, she's already fucked like 5 random dudes here in one month"

co-worker A: "DO NOT WANT...my dick deserves better than that"
by Mr.Pipez October 15, 2010
1.) to be hit on by a gay person unwillingly.
gay guy:"hey big boy, how's it goin' * touches strait's hair"

strait victim: "---um..."

victim's friends: "haha he's gettin fruit-beamed like a motherfucker" lolol
by Mr.Pipez January 01, 2011
1.) a sad state of the mind, when one has to blatantly deny the fact that they have worn the same clothes 2 or more times in the same week.
keep sleepin' in linial bruh
by Mr.Pipez January 01, 2011
1. a rhetorical question that's said (if not shouted) when your about to get your ass mauled back down to a sperm cell; that is of course, if you have the balls to repeat what you just said to ones face.

2. ie: please repeat the previous sentence one more time, so that i can shove my foot up ya ass.
afro 1: so man i tapped Janet last night

afro 2: which Janet?

afro 1: yo Janet.

afro 2: ___________!!! **hits afro 1 in the face with a chair
by Mr.Pipez October 15, 2010

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