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Better known as the best place in the world to be rejected from or thrown out of. Also known for an intolerant culture for anything other than the regulation norm. Known to determine certain substances as drugs when force shaping is in progress. Known to hold a sexually repressed male population, that means all-you-can-eat buffet for 25% of the 25% female population; these raucous, succubus sluts spend the majority of their time legs open or down at the IC gym or lacrosse fields.
USAFA 2014'r- Hey, Sir, what happened half your class go?
Thirsty 13'r- Alleged Spice, Alchohol, Runaway Basic, Tik Tok, huge underage parties, DADT repeal, behind-closed-doors, Suicides, attempted Suicides, staged Suicides... At least they were all white males.
USAFA 2014'r- Gee mister, I'm glad I'm not in your lamay-ass class
Thirsty 13'r- Go F*^% yourself.
by Mr.Oblivious August 11, 2011

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