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A Solian user who was banned for asking where she can find out how to play Sims 3 illegally without paying. She likes to rape her friend and she wants to do Miley Cyrus hard
Hey, dude, did you see that girl Powdring Miley Cyrus?
by Mr.MisterAwesomepants June 22, 2009
A member of Soliaonline, her full username Himura kiki~!~Fluffy.
She stays around the Town Square and Support and Feedback, she may occasionally wander to see what the admins are doing, and the people online on her Stalking list.
Fluffy is the evil creepy fluff ball of a stalker of the TSCAST.

Fluffy has awesome hair.

I would hide stuff in Fluffy's hair.
by Mr.MisterAwesomepants June 17, 2009

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