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The act of masturbating with sandpaper. The grit is not important, but usually the lower the more hardcore you are.
Guy 1 - Dude I went to menards last night and posted up in the sandpaper aisle for at least 3 hours.

Guy 2 - Ah, good old road jerk I assume?

Guy 1 - Why else would the crotch of my pants be stained red?

Guy 2 - Well I didn't want to be rude and point it, but ya I noticed it you sick fuck.
by Mr.Meatspin January 07, 2012
Two heterosexual men begin scissoring, while this is happening some slut begins to slide not one but both cocks into her ass. Eventually the 'towers' explode and collapse in on themselves. On a side note the woman can face either man she desires.
Guy 1 - Dude pulling the Twin Towers last night was crazy.

Guy 2 - Ya, I like the part where our dicks were touching but its somehow not gay.

Guy 1 - Ya, that is nice.

Guy 2 - Just kidding were at minimum bi now.
by Mr.Meatspin January 07, 2012

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