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The Chevrolet Coblat SS Supercharged. Superchargers are often known as blowers, so the combination of the words Blower and Cobalt form the term 'Blowbalt'
"James just bought a 2006 Cobalt SS S/C."

"Oh, a Blowbalt. Nice."
by Mr.Dustin September 21, 2009
Someone who runs from indoor location to indoor location due to the fact they're wearing a t-shirt in sub-zero weather.

This is a Canadian phenomenon that tends to occur in spring and fall. Due to uncertainty of the weather and the fact most Canadians like to act immune to cold, The Short Sleeve Hustle is often witnessed.
"Tom is such a dumbass. He didn't even bring a coat."

"Yeah, looks like he'll be doing the short sleeve hustle."
by Mr.Dustin November 02, 2009

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