3 definitions by Mr.Blackman

The game played by stoners where the person who gets the answer wins the joint. If everyone ses the answer AT THE SAME TIME,then another 'question' is asked until a clear winner is chosen.
Gareth: Bing
John, Daryl, Alex: BONG
*Gareth thinks*
Gareth: Pulp
*Johns gets the joint*
by Mr.Blackman March 31, 2005
A word said when doing a little dance
- for example, please visit Will at Waxham near the end of August 2004
by Mr.Blackman March 31, 2005
1) Laughing like a blackman - when laughing out loud like a black person would ( ho ho ho )

2) Also can be added to such things as ROFLLAB, meaning roling on the floor laughing like a blackman
*someone tells a funny joke*
by Mr.Blackman March 09, 2005

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