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A slang term for people who visit the bosses office regularly to offer hollow praise and sometimes gifts - with the intention of influencing the future actions of the boss. With time and work, the "Office Fluffer" can not only make the boss think they are a Super Hero - they can usually get them to fly in any direction they want with a few subtle comments (then disappear before any action happens).
"I just saw Jane go up to the Bosses office with some coffee 10 minutes ago - then back down to her desk. When the Boss came down - he told us we were to do things a new way. I swear I heard Jane talking about doing it that way last week...odd that method makes her job the easiest in the office. Of all the Office Fluffers - she's the best.".

"Man - that's got to be the third time Bob has been in the office asking how the Boss stays so ripped, and the third time he's come out discussing something important about to happen in the company. I think there's some serious Office Fluffing going on!".

"Every time Mike is missing from his desk - you can guess something bad is going to happen. No one in the office likes Mike, except the Boss - who thinks Mike is a genius. With enough Office Fluffing - Mike will eventually be pulled off the floor and given a nice job doing QC or something.".
by Mr.Ages II August 30, 2012

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