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1. The utter destruction or domination of people, places, or things. Normally to the max extreme.

2. Overweight couples having intercourse.
1. Professor: "Now students, in one sentence how could you describe the Japanese army's Rape of Nanking?
Student: "It was a clobberfuck, Professor."

2. *audible and rhythmic clapping and fwapping sound behind a closed door*
Bystander: "Sounds like some clobberfucking is going on around here!"
by Mr. von Steinberg May 17, 2010
1. n. A large weapon that you would fear in the hands of an enemy or pursuer. It often looks ridiculously unnecessary and the damage it causes is usually the same.

2. v. to reduce something into oblivion with excessive enthusiasm.
1. Gamer 1: "What the hell is that fiend using!?"
Gamer 2: "It's a fuckin' MANGALORE!"

2. "Guys, I just mangalored two Old English "800"s but I feel GREAT!"
by Mr. von Steinberg May 17, 2010
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