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an adjective for the coolest person alive. but they aren't as cool as a menges. they are the opposite of a fraiger and a sovi. they are amazing at every sport they play
Jake: you know kyle
Peter: yeah hes such a fraiger

Brian: you don't even know what that means!!!!
Peter: yeah i dooooo!!!!!
Jake: kyles not a fraiger hes a Ritchie
Peter: oh yeah... i thought you were talking about Brian.
Jake: oh yeah hes a fraiger
by Mr. fraiger June 28, 2009
someone who is not cool but thinks they are cool. they also think they are the best at everything including getting girls, best at sports, and knows every word to every song popular or not. they also try to give advice about girls even when they dont talk to girls much. they also think that any girl who talks to him likes him.
person 1:you know stephen
person 2:yeh

person 1: hes such a fraiger.
person 2: yeh i know like when we played soccer with those girls. he was trying to be cool and thought all of them liked him
person 1: hes a fraiger all right!!!
by Mr. fraiger June 25, 2009
someone who is a douche bag. they are very rich and think they are the most popular people on earth. they arent. they also have an extremely hot sister that everyone wants to bone. even him... this word is the exact same thing as a fraiger. except not all fraigers have a sister that is super hot
yo that kids a sovi. ya i know hes annoying but the only reason i want to hang out with him is i have a chance with his sister
by Mr. fraiger June 25, 2009
(adj.) a cool person that is a menges and isnt a sovi or a fraiger. A schwendemann is usually amazing at soccer and typicaly really ugly but girls are in love with him. A schwendemann is outgoing and they have half of a flynn most of the time
Dude 1: yo, you know marc.

Dude 2: yeh
Dude 1: hes half of a schwendemann.
Dude 2: Why???
Dude 1: because he has a flynn but hes bad at soccer and no girls like him
by Mr. fraiger June 27, 2009
(adj.) Any kid in his early teens that is the coolest kid ever. he is not a sovi or a fraiger and never wants to hang out with them ever. everyone knows hes the coolest kid ever.
Person 1: yo Jake is the coolest person ever
Person 2: yeh hes such a menges
Person 1: yo i think stephen wants to hang out with him.
Person 2: Jake wont, he doesn't ever want to hang out with fraigers like stephen.
by Mr. fraiger June 26, 2009
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