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1. a job, career, occupation

2. backronym for "Jail Outside Bars," the idea being that having to perform alienated labor is as oppressive, in its own way, as being in prison. One is in a kind of "jail," even though one is "outside" of any physical "bars" that would force you to stay there.
dude1: Why weren't you at the party last night? It was crazy!

dude2 sadly: I was stuck in the J.O.B..
by Mr. Trousers November 02, 2012
A word referring to when one goes out for a picnic whilst also partaking in the smoking of Cannabis Cigarettes. The spelling is a mash-up of the words 'Spliff' and 'Picnic', hence, Spliffnic.
Person 1: "Hey you wanna go for a Spliff and a Picnic?"
Person 2: "I think you mean a Spliffnic!"
by mr. trousers March 21, 2012
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