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A phrase used for a military person who wants to have relations with a person who could possibly be under age but the UCMJ says as long as she's 16 its fair game.

Also can be used to combat the phrase 16 will get you 20

Sailor: Hey check out that girl over there she is fine as hell i would destroy her pussy

Marine: Dude she looks 16 years old

Sailor: Hey UCMJ says 16's OK


Guy 1: 16 will get you 20

Guy 2: Yea but UCMJ says 16's OK
by Mr. Tiddlesworth June 06, 2010
Similar to the civilian "Freshman 15" an A-School 15 happens to military personnel when they transition from the hardship of boot camp to the leniency of A-School. They can get their favorite foods that they have missed for months and watch sports center at night with and never look behind their backs with the fear of doing push ups eight counts or mountain climbers. The result of this is them gaining some weight like civilians do their freshman year of college
When I left Navy boot camp at RTC Great Lakes I was fit disciplined and ready for my career. When I arrived at Sub School in Groton, I saw how loose the place was I got complacent but I stopped my self because i noticed i was getting an A-School 15
by Mr. Tiddlesworth May 17, 2010

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