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A word that, when said while exhaling, is the closest descriptive word for the feeling marijuana produces that is currently availiable. The euphoria of a marijuana high is completely undescribable but this is the best word out there.
Person #1: how does it feel to be high?

Person #2: (while exhaling) Hashyawah...

Person #1: Ahh...
by Mr. Super January 18, 2007
A term used by suburban teenagers that is synonymous with the word "high" or "fucked up"

It was originally designed as a secret word that one could use in public without anyone around them knowing but it was always obvious what they were talking about
Person #1: Let'so get cheesy! See, if we say it like that, they don't know what we're talkin about.

Person #2: You're an idiot...
by Mr. Super January 18, 2007

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