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A gay, Mexican drunk, usually named Ricardo.
That freakin' homexaholic keeps putting his hand on my shoulder and wanting to buy me a drink. I think I'm going to have to kick him in the cojones.
by Mr. RoJo2 August 13, 2008
A homosexual alcoholic.
Gus didn't make it into work again this morning. I heard he was out drinking last night. What a fag. He is such an alcohomo.
by Mr. Rojo2 January 14, 2009
The fecal matter remaining on the side of the toilet bowl after a monstrous dump. Also known as a skid mark.

May also define any thin streak of feces.

That is one nasty Gus! I hope someone wipes it off before it dries on permanently.

The dog just scooted on the carpet and left a stinky Gus behind.

You might as well throw those underwear away, because I don't think that Gus is going to come out.
by Mr. RoJo2 August 12, 2008

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