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aka Shay Butler, a famous YouTuber known for his hilarious and random antics. He first came on the YouTube scene through his friend Philip DeFranco, aka sxephil or PhillyD. From there he began posting hilarious skits and collaborating with different YouTubers. Since then he has quit his job as a radio DJ for Idaho's Z103 and moved to California to work for The Station. He also started a vlog entitled SHAYTARDS in which he documents his life daily and posts it to YouTube. It has been a great success and is a large reason why he remains high on the YouTube most subscribed list. He is married to Katilette and he has three children, and for the purpose of the vlogs, they are named Sontard, Princesstard, and Babytard. The names are a result for Shay's The Shaytards are currently expecting a fourth baby boy and are planning to move back to Idaho on April 1.
Did you see ShayCarl throw Babytard in his last SHAYTARDS vlog?
by Mr. Rawr January 14, 2010

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