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6 definitions by Mr. Pooper Sex

The act of two men slapping cocks together in the fashion that represents sword fighting
Dave likes to play Beef swords with random dudes at the bar
by Mr. Pooper Sex June 14, 2008
6 0
that act of having sex in the anus, usually refering to gay men
ex. Dave enjoys having Pooper Sex with his boyfriend
by Mr. Pooper Sex May 31, 2008
14 10
When a man ejaculates in a woman's butt crack
We're gonna make some buttcrack baby's tonight bitch!
by Mr. Pooper sex January 15, 2010
2 1
What Barrack Obama prints off when we run out of federal funds
" I'm broke, I could really use some spook cash right now"
by Mr. Pooper Sex January 28, 2010
6 6
One who cannot get laid or is a closet homosexual that loves anal raids.
I sure hope that Sean isn't sexually impaired because only flamers wear leather pants.
by Mr. Pooper Sex June 14, 2008
1 7
To be jerked around,or to be horribly fucked over in the worst way
Billy fucked my eyes out the other day when he totaled my car.
by Mr. Pooper Sex June 14, 2008
3 10