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sad sad sad way to have sex, makes me pissed to think about it. when someone forces you to have sex with them.
there are lots of rapists on americas most wanted.
by Mr. Pink December 05, 2004
the two coolest stoners ever to have been born by their careless mothers who left them in front of the quickstop, which is now there place to hang out and smoke weed. aka jason mewes, and kevin smith.
snoochie boochies mother fucker!!!
by Mr. Pink December 05, 2004
the bottom of the ocean.
as heard on spongebob or sailor slang
I'm gonna send your ship to davy jones locker!
by mr. pink January 10, 2005
1. This is the code for when the entire world (except for a small sect) becomes mentally handicapped (see retarded)

2. The best underground band-to-be ever
Guy 1: Dude, the whole world has gone retarded!
Guy 2: Oh snap! Code Y!

Guy 1: Code Y is the best band EVER.
by Mr. Pink February 01, 2004
1) A person who resembles Val Kilmer in either physical appearance or social mannerisms, or both. 2) A person given to constantly quoting Val Kilmer's lines from the film "Top Gun." 3) An untollerable know-it-all.
Mr. Block is always certain that he is correct and won't stop telling us how dangerous and foolish we all are. He even looks like Val Kilmer. He is such an iceman.
by Mr. Pink June 14, 2004
used to be an awesome show that came on FOX, but is now really boring.
Family guy is the new simpsons.
by Mr. Pink December 05, 2004
A fucking moron
Sean is schwilly
by Mr. Pink January 28, 2004
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