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A small inbred town in Pennsylvania where the women have mustaches and allow their foopahs to hang proudly. The men in this town have greasy and/or no hair, crooked teeth, and can be found mostly during the night at their local park using heroin. Every month the inhabitants of this hell hole meet near the middle of town and worship the statue of a donkey while drinking and shouting anti-semitic slurs at each other. Palmerton's most redeeming feature is the abandoned zinc plant that went out of commission in 1980 when it completely annihilated the miles of forests that once surrounded the town.
Steve: You got any heroin?
Jim: Yea, as soon as we are done admiring all the dead trees and the moon-like landscape surrounding Palmerton due to their lack of environmental responsibility we can shoot up.
by Mr. Pennsylvania February 28, 2009

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