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A member of the d0nk family. RAd0nk usually gives away all his chips in poker tournaments due to pure frustation and lack of regard for money. Sharks feed off of rAd0nk and enjoy taking his money.
"Yes, I'm at the same table as Rad0nk! He's such an uberlicious n00b."

"I wonder how much money Rad0nk has lost in the past month? Has to be around 30k"

"I'm glad I'm not a Rad0nk, I enjoy keeping my money"

"I get more pleasue out of pwning da d0nk outta Rad0nk since he tries to outplay pros and always loses"
by Mr. Pancake April 18, 2007
A member of the STFU family. Can be used to emphatically exclaim to your d0nk or n00b friend that you really want them to shut the fuck up.
"STFU HEFTER, stop being a d0nk."


by Mr. Pancake April 18, 2007
An evil company that brought the rights to distribute the Death Note anime series in the west, and demanded that fansub groups stop distributing it (threatening legal action) just two episodes before the end of the series.

It's legal, but nobody likes it. Kinda like taxes.

Chances are, another rouge group will pop up, but it's still not exactly nice.
Not to mention that Death Note probably won't reach the UK for a few more years.
Person 1: Did you hear about VIZ Media stopping the fansub groups distributing Death Note?
Person 2: Yeah, wanna join me in an anti- VIZ campaign?
Person 1: Sure!
by Mr. Pancake June 14, 2007

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