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fuhngk-shuh-nl ri-tahrd

1. Psychology. a person of the operational order in a former classification of mental retardation, having a mental age of less than three years old and an intelligence quotient under 25 yet still mantains the ability to convince society of their relevance, and ability to be trusted to act intelligently.

2. A charismatic individual which demonstrates inconsistent reasoning abilities and has an inherent disreguard towards their sociological perspective.

3. One who assumes "any publicity is good publicity."
Dixie: Can you believe that idiot?!? Does he have any idea how offensivly stupid he is?!?

Dewey: I can believe it because he is a Functional Retard.
by Mr. Nova<3 March 18, 2011
1: The act of any facility serving tatertots running out of tatertots at any time during regualar business hours.

2: Elitist remarks made by indivudals based on their tatertot gustation perference.

3: Dropping a tatertot on the floor and failing to recover within the five second parameter.
1: Sonic: May I take your order?

Shawn: Yeah gimmie some tots!

Sonic: I'm sorry we're out of tots.

Shawn: Totsphemy!

2: Daisy: ummmm this ketchup is perfect on my tots

Stoney: These tots don't need ketchup. What an amature

Daisy: Totsphemer!

3: Crash: Tot down! Tot down!

Pappy: Save it 5 second rule.

Pappy: 5...

Pappy: 4...

Pappy: 3...

Crash: I can't find it!?!

Pappy: 2...

Pappy: 1...

Crash: Crap! We lost him!

Pappy: Totsphemy!
by Mr. Nova<3 March 22, 2011

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