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1: The act of any facility serving tatertots running out of tatertots at any time during regualar business hours.

2: Elitist remarks made by indivudals based on their tatertot gustation perference.

3: Dropping a tatertot on the floor and failing to recover within the five second parameter.
1: Sonic: May I take your order?

Shawn: Yeah gimmie some tots!

Sonic: I'm sorry we're out of tots.

Shawn: Totsphemy!

2: Daisy: ummmm this ketchup is perfect on my tots

Stoney: These tots don't need ketchup. What an amature

Daisy: Totsphemer!

3: Crash: Tot down! Tot down!

Pappy: Save it 5 second rule.

Pappy: 5...

Pappy: 4...

Pappy: 3...

Crash: I can't find it!?!

Pappy: 2...

Pappy: 1...

Crash: Crap! We lost him!

Pappy: Totsphemy!
by Mr. Nova<3 March 22, 2011
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