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A horde race from World of Warcraft that was added in the Burning Crusade expansion. Close relatives of the night elves. They were once one race, yet split off after the events of the original Warcraft to pursue their corrput arcane arts, while the night elves chose to forsake the magic that had nearly ripped the world in two and study druidic magic. They were known as the Highborn until their capital of Quel'Thalas was destroyed by an undead army, leading them to rename themselves the blood elves in remembrance of the blood they spilled defending their homeland. They fled to Outland to escape the scourge circa Warcraft III The Frozen Throne, where they established a base of operations.
Comparing a blood elf to Zoolander is an insult to male models everywhere.
#blood elf #world of warcraft #metrosexual #warcraft #game
by Mr. Normal April 30, 2007
Short for Godlike Productions, one of the top conspiracy sites on the net! Also home to many people who enjoy making fun of the hopelessly schizophrenic.
Woowoo A: The Earth is going to spiral into the sun! I had this really bad dream, and I saw fire everywhere, and I used math to do some numerology that says we're all going to die next Tuesday.

Woowoo B: Aieegh!

Woowoo C: This is all the Jews fault.


Next Tuesday:

Woowoo A: Wait...the voices in my head are telling me it might be a bit longer...BUT ITS STILL DEFINITELY COMING!

Woowoo B: Aieegh!

Wooowoo c: This is still the Jew's fault.

Normal person who visits GLP for the laughs: LMAO
#conspiracy #godlike productions #glp #doom #conspiracy website
by Mr. Normal April 28, 2007
One who preforms mindless and seemingly unrewarding activities over and over again. Often used as a synonym for fucktard or stupid. Do not confuse it with dumbfuck.
Due to the large number of numbfucks who attempt to add the names of their friends and pet goldfishes to the Urban Dictionary who are clogging the system, this definition will likely languish for six months before being reviewed and ultimately being rejected by another numbfuck who mistakenly believes that its fun to just click reject on everything they see.
#numbfuck #repetitive #stupid #fucktard #dumbfuck
by Mr. Normal May 03, 2007
Somebody who strongly denies being a Nazi, yet believes all Jews must be exterminated and that Treblinka was a vacation spot. Identifiable by obsession with Jews and a tendency to link to creatively interpreted radar scans. This species may have different plumage than others of its type, preferring a profusion of American flags and crucifixes to the usual Swastikas, however it is speculated that they are actually closely related subspecies of Homo Dumbfuckus.
Pseudonazi: Only Jews are capable of committing evil. Their Talmud is full of satanic lies. Eg, the holohoax, which I can prove never happened because I have radar scans of Treblinka and you can't see any bodies!

Normal Person: Umm...I don't think that's really the Talmud. You just made that up. Oh, and that radar scan isn't really...

Pseudonazi: Jew! Jew! Jew! Quick, toss me some gasoline and rope!

Normal Person: *flees in terror*
#pseudonazi #nazi #hater #homo dumbfuckus #holocaust
by Mr. Normal April 28, 2007
Word used exclusively by dumbfuck pseudonazis and their nemesis, the Nazi bashers.
Pseudonazi: The holohoax is a joke. Blah blah blah. Look, I interrogated a survivor who was 3 at the time 60 years after the fact and his story was loaded with inconsistencies! Look, they couldn't possibly have gassed any Jews because there were no fire pits to heat the zyklon-b canisters!

Mr. Normal: Hmm...I didn't know the Nazis lacked the technological prowess to build a hot plate or bunsen burner. Thanks for this wonderful info about the holohoax. *Suckerpunches Pseudonazi and runs away laughing.*
#holocaust denial #holohoax #holocaust #dumbfuck #pseudonazi
by Mr. Normal April 28, 2007
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