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A girl who originates from a city in British Columbia, Canada. Girls from this area are well known for being skanky and slutty and sometimes both.
"Misty's a Surrey girl, she'll give it up to you for free".
by Mr. Moss October 19, 2006
A generic term for a girl with a large curvacious ass. (can be used as a positive or negative)
"Check out judy booty over there"
by Mr. Moss October 19, 2006
A person or person(s)who engage in sexual behavior in back alleys or behind dumpsters. (Circa 2005)
"Yo, did you know that James hooked up with that skank Serena behind Jizzy's Pizza joint last week, what a dumpster slut".
by Mr. Moss October 19, 2006
Refers to any tight white pants worn by a male or female, which are often see-through. These tight white pants denote that the wearer is slutty and thus, open for business. Often worn by whores and Surrey girls. Furthermore, it can refer to the person wearing them.
a) "Pssh, Stacy's got her slut pants on today". (b)"Hey there slut pants".
by Mr. Moss October 19, 2006

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