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An old, old wooden ship used in the civil war era.
Did you see the great battle between Diversity and the heterogeneous?
by Mr. Morrison April 26, 2007
Bathroom, toilet anywhere that you can urinate.
I had to wait in line for the tinkletorium at the concert.
by Mr. Morrison April 16, 2007
A combination of several possitive words. It means beyond fantastic.
I fealt fantasmalasmic when a met the beautiful woman.
by Mr. Morrison April 16, 2007
Clothing that makes you look so good that you cannot be resisted.
I looked pimpdidalliumptious in my suite at the dance.
by Mr. Morrison May 10, 2007
Any place where you release fecal matter.
My neighbors yard is a great dumpatorium.
by Mr. Morrison April 26, 2007
Feeling good, beyond splendid
The day at the beach was splendipherous.
by Mr. Morrison April 16, 2007
A mexican fighting chicken.
Magicman and El Diablo both piss excellance.
by Mr. Morrison May 14, 2007

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