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3 definitions by Mr. MmmBongo

A sharp pain in the neck caused by headbanging.

A synonym for terms such as Bangover and Mosh Neck.
Metalhead 1: Man I got a serious pain in my neck from the (enter band here) show last night.

Metalhead 2: Sounds like you've got a case of Headbanger Whiplash.
by Mr. MmmBongo August 19, 2011
A pain in the neck caused by moshing or headbanging or both.

This term is a synonym for Bangover and Headbanger Whiplash.
Dude 1: Duuuuuude!!! Did you go to the (enter band of choice here) show last night?

Dude 2: Yaa dude it was moooost bodacious but I got serious mosh neck.

Dude 3: Bogus dude.
by Mr. MmmBongo August 19, 2011
Essentially the act of Headbanging which many newer scene/emo/screamo/pop punk/whateveryouwannacallit bands have adopted and adapted.

Whereas traditional headbanging includes vigorous movement of the head and neck, fringbanging is more a neck straight/ bob of the head movement so as to momentarily ruffle one's fringe before it springs back into place.
Some examples of bands who incorporate Fringebanging: Fall Out Boy, Paramore, You Me At Six, Saving Aimee e.t.c.
by Mr. MmmBongo August 19, 2011