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1.) to have a really great time with friends, a memorable time, or one where you drink so much you don't.

2.) when a girl takes advantage of you while your sleeping, by rubbing your genitals (or just the tip) on her hoochee (female parts) to later sue you for it.

-When you get dippydubbed you wake up with a wet dream and a law suit
"Hey, lets go out and get dippydubbed"

"Jordan!!! we got real dippydubbed last night hardcore at the O-W!!" - Zach
"hell yeah we did, you made sure she didn't dippydubb me right" - Jordan

"I just got a letter from a law firm, Cindy must of dippydubbed me and is now taking me to court"
by Mr. Mayonasse1 April 29, 2010
pronounced O Dubbing

The art of yelling out you window to ridicule people or to find a party or even invite them up to your party.

Not created but perfected at an Oakland Window in Milwaukee, WI (Hence the name O-W)
Hey last night was crazy we O-W'ed a party and got to drink all night

Where did all these people come from is some one O-W'ing again

Never O-W a homeless person it's bad news for everyone
by Mr. Mayonasse1 March 07, 2010
When a member of the male sex tucks his genitals between his legs then with perferably groomed or ungroomed pubic hair rubs them against a member of the opposite sex. Can also be performed to the face of partner as well.
Zach had just tucked his sack back to give Tya the old toothbrush when he was interrupted by a phone call. To this unpleasentry he told Tya

"Baby I'll show you the toothbrush after this call."
by Mr. Mayonasse1 October 20, 2009
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