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also 'choppin'

To flirt. Often used with incorrect grammar.
Frank: Oooooh, Jimmy be choppin'!

Jimmy: Frank, for the last time, she's my sister. I am not chopping.
by Mr. Lemon October 19, 2009
According to Adele, things that are able to be chased, or are chase-able.
Bob: Should I give up, or should I just keep on chasing pavements?

Dave: Stop singing that. The lyrics don't even make sense.
by Mr. Lemon February 28, 2009
A text message sent to more than one person.
Usually signified by writing "MASS TEXTODUS:" before the actual contents of the actual message.
MASS TEXTODUS: Everyone! Party tonight at Ryan's house. Be there, or you're gay.
by Mr. Lemon October 19, 2009

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