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When someone pays as little money possible for an item, and expects the item to be of the highest quality.
George: I went to wal-mart yesterday and got an amazing deal on this, but the first time I used it the thing broke. Doctor?

Doctor: Ah yes, I have seen this before. You have a condition known as Wal-Mart Syndrome. The cure is simple, shop somewhere else.
by Mr. Ko-Ray May 12, 2011
The task of taking a shit while wearing nomex or some other fire retardant clothing. For those who have not experienced this, it is very difficult and involves alot of work and sweat. Especially when taking place in a portable toilet.
Jim was breathing heavily upon leaving the bathroom. "did he just take some chick into the bathroom for a quickie?" his co-workers ask. No, he just took a nomex shit.
by Mr. Ko-Ray May 19, 2011
The number of consecutive days that you have had sex.
"I had sex again last night! That brings my Hitting it Streak to 5 days. It's a new personal best."
by Mr. Ko-Ray August 09, 2012
A person who can take any normal situation and convert it into a huge overly dramatic event.
Big Dealer: "This morning I had to wake up! In the A.M. and drive all the way to work.

Normal Person: "Big Deal! So did everyone else, actually everything with you is a big deal. Your a Big Dealer!
by Mr. Ko-Ray August 09, 2012
A person who can take any normal task that millions of people handle easily on a daily basis and turn it into a dramatic situation that they are somehow able to handle.
Aaron: "I had to get up this morning..... in the A.M. and drive myself all the way to work!

Eric: Big Deal, so did everybody else! Why is everything with you a big deal? Your a Big Dealer.
by Mr. Ko-Ray June 12, 2012
A burrito that comes from a taco truck at the job site and is made with white steamed rice instead of brown Spanish rice like a normal burrito.
Hung so lo made my burrito with white rice instead of Mexican rice, it's terrible! I'm never getting a Vietnamese burrito again.
by Mr. Ko-Ray August 16, 2011

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