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The fluid that secretes from female genitalia when sexual climax is achieved.
Eventhough I was coming down with a sore throat and cold, my girl STILL wanted me to eat her out. She said " Some nice hot COOTER BROTH would make me all better ".
by Mr. KSZ March 05, 2011
The act of masturbating without the use of lubrications such as Vasoline, KY Jelly, or Hand Lotion.This is usually done in the state of hard-on horny urgency. Also if the persons hands are slightly rougher than others. The friction from this would probably cause a rather uncomfortable feeling for some, especially if they are used to masturbating with lube.
So I was watching my next door neighbor washing her car in a tank top and some cut off daisy duke shorts through my bathroom window... I didnt have time to get any lube, so I ended up SANDING OFF my cock.... I have no regrets.
by Mr. KSZ March 04, 2011
A femal or in some cases a male who who loves giving fellatio and ingesting seminal fluid on a constant.
Man, all this jacking off and using spankerchefs is getting old... I need to hook up with a good THROAT LOTION DISPENSER. "... or ... " MY Wife, a TROOPER?! No no NO, The way she throats a cock and sucks it with such ferocity, she is a true, bonified THROAT LOTION DISPENSER!!!
by Mr. KSZ March 05, 2011

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