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A really ancient old indian lady walks down the block and just takes a leave from my neighbor's tree smells it and walks back.
"Slowly and quietly the punjabosaurus comes down on her daily walk to feed on the local foilage"
by Mr. Jesus October 06, 2007
Someone who takes all the sides from the table and doesn't leave any for anyone else at the table.
God Mary is such a side whore we had some KFC yesterday and she took all the mashed potatoes for herself. God she is such a side whore!
by Mr. Jesus October 29, 2007
A really old lady who live in their son in laws house and never leaves her room except to eat.
"God last time we were at my uncle's house there was this sloth living in one of his rooms and she came out only once to get pizza. and we were there for a whole week!"
by Mr. Jesus October 06, 2007
The very essence of ugly. Something that does not belong in this world. A girl who goes to my high school that looks like an ewok and wears short shorts.
Oh my god. That girl is disgusting I swear to god she is an Ewok girl.
by Mr. Jesus November 17, 2007
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