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When somebody is pissed off, for whatever reason at urban dictionary, they will call it urban fucktionary
Jimmy: Hey man, what's up?

Spike: Don't talk to me Jimmy, I'm pissed off cuz I caught my woman with another man

Jimmy: Well here's something that'll cheer you up, do you know what an Alabama firedragon is?

Spike: I don't care, is that something you found on urban fucktionary? Get a life, loser
by Mr. FuckOff December 21, 2009
The fear of bros, usually occurring when you realize all bros are secretly gay and then you're thus a homophobe as well
Rajiv: Me and my bros like to give each other blowjobs, but Ricky doesn't like it

Mort: How come?

Rajiv: because Ricky has bromophobia!
by Mr. FuckOff December 22, 2009
A dyke from Canada, especially northern Canada
"Did you see that klondyke going to the Tim Horton's yesterday? Fucking Eh"
by Mr. FuckOff December 21, 2009
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