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The olfactory organ found on a human. It is a very potent aphrodesiac.
"Human horn prices are skyrocketing in the black market."
by Mr. Feesh May 16, 2005
A bipedal, naked mammal that goes mighty fine with red pepper and jalopenos. A surprising number of survey results have shown that the market for human meat is going up.

On a semi-related basis, human horn is not only a delicacy, but also an aphrodesiac.
"I had some stir-fried human appendages the other day. It was pretty good. The chef had a fairly unique recipe for fried jalepenos, too."
by Mr. Feesh May 09, 2005
A state of being impervious to the law.
"Ha! I'm a living Bill Clinton! Your laws can't touch me!"
by Mr. Feesh May 09, 2005
One of the worst (quality-wise) insults known to man. Catchy, though.
"Blarg you, sir," declared the pickle with a raising of his finger.
by Mr. Feesh October 14, 2005
A little-known, rounded breed of fish that hops around, breathes air, and doesn't think much. Members of this species may explode randomly, unless they happen to be named Alfonso.
"Finish with that Feesh, I needs it for mah soofle."
by Mr. Feesh May 09, 2005
A delicious, nutritious and slightly malicious confectionly treat made out of soofle ingredients.
"Damns you whats for I likes me some soofle."
by Mr. Feesh May 16, 2005
One of the world's only people to be hated as the result of little to no factual evidence whatsoever.
"I hates that George W. Bush. He poisoned my hair and raped Mother Earth's trees. He also took a dump in my cereal this morning."
by Mr. Feesh May 09, 2005

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