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1 definition by Mr. Expendable

When you become so zooted (stoned) that you begin talk to yourself in the third person, while often creating imaginary people to have hypothetical conversations with. Essentially, you are having a conversation with multiple people that are within your mind discussing hypothetical situations that are often ridiculous and far-fetching.
Dude1: John, Look at that man cutting the grass! We need to stop him, he's murdering those blades of grass!

Pseudo-Dude2: Holy haberdashery John, you're right! He's a monster! Those poor blades of grass!

Pseudo-Dude3: Think about the baby grass blades! Watching their parents being gruesomely murdered and knowing that one day, they will be murdered too!

Dude1: Holy shit John, you're inner monologue high.
by Mr. Expendable November 23, 2009