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9 definitions by Mr. Duffy

The process of connecting your phone to your laptop in order to facilitate an Internet connection. Usually performed via bluetooth or USB.
John: ah crap I can't get a wifi signal on my laptop. Sorry, I can't look up that obscure Pink Floyd track on discogs.com

Bob: dude, one word - tethering.

John: dude!
by mr. duffy April 08, 2010
16 2
The surreptitious use of Google Latitude on your girlfriend's phone so that you can track her whereabouts without her knowing. Tends not to work with technology-proficient girlfriends. Also requires a phone that supports Latitude, but helped by the prevalence of Android, Apple OS and Blackberry phones.

Commonly abbreviated GiPS (pronounced: jips).
John: so Carla's gone out with her friends tonight, huh? Where are they headed?

Bob: she said Misty's but, hang on - my girlfriend positioning system shows an anomaly - why is she in some random street in Hangleton???

John: dude!
by Mr. Duffy May 29, 2010
8 1

The discovery that an apparent truth was in fact a lie. Not to be confused with being Dionest.
"Dan told me that drinks were going to be £1 all night just so I would invite loads of people. Turns out the drinks are £2 - I feel so dehonest!"
by Mr. Duffy August 14, 2008
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Portmanteau of the words 'craic' and 'action'. Not to be confused with the word 'craction'.

Craiction can be used to describe activities or events associated with having a good time. Such good times may include consumption of alcoholic beverages, dancing to music, having sexual intercourse, or any number of other debaucherous ongoings.
John: Dude, some craiction is much-needed tonight.

Bob: Yep, I'm feeling that.

John: So what's the plan?

Bob: Start in the Goose, head to the Bull and hook up with some others, then get into Schpunk at the Wedge for about midnight?

John: Schweeeeeeeeeeeet...
by Mr. Duffy April 04, 2011
1 1
Sledging with a skateboard, having removed the wheels.
John: hey dude, you coming sledging?

Bob: sorry dude, ain't got no sledge.

John: just take the wheels off your skateboard, innit. Skledging.

Bob: dude!
by Mr. Duffy December 04, 2010
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Behaviour outside the realms of normal, with respect to the individual.

To do one's own thing.

To 'give the birdie' to the world and make a concerted effort to annoy / piss off / offend as many people as possible in a given timeframe.
John: Er... is Calvin off on one?
James: Nope - he usually chases pigeons on his lunchbreak.

James: Woah - does Miranda usually dance on tables whilst inebriated, sans underwear??
John: Nope - she's off on one.
by mr. duffy March 07, 2010
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Infantile, seemingly British, term for the female genitalia.
"Show me your winkle and I'll show you my ninny"
by Mr. Duffy January 18, 2008
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