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The process of connecting your phone to your laptop in order to facilitate an Internet connection. Usually performed via bluetooth or USB.
John: ah crap I can't get a wifi signal on my laptop. Sorry, I can't look up that obscure Pink Floyd track on discogs.com

Bob: dude, one word - tethering.

John: dude!
by mr. duffy April 08, 2010
The surreptitious use of Google Latitude on your girlfriend's phone so that you can track her whereabouts without her knowing. Tends not to work with technology-proficient girlfriends. Also requires a phone that supports Latitude, but helped by the prevalence of Android, Apple OS and Blackberry phones.

Commonly abbreviated GiPS (pronounced: jips).
John: so Carla's gone out with her friends tonight, huh? Where are they headed?

Bob: she said Misty's but, hang on - my girlfriend positioning system shows an anomaly - why is she in some random street in Hangleton???

John: dude!
by Mr. Duffy May 29, 2010

The discovery that an apparent truth was in fact a lie. Not to be confused with being Dionest.
"Dan told me that drinks were going to be £1 all night just so I would invite loads of people. Turns out the drinks are £2 - I feel so dehonest!"
by Mr. Duffy August 14, 2008
Portmanteau of the words 'craic' and 'action'. Not to be confused with the word 'craction'.

Craiction can be used to describe activities or events associated with having a good time. Such good times may include consumption of alcoholic beverages, dancing to music, having sexual intercourse, or any number of other debaucherous ongoings.
John: Dude, some craiction is much-needed tonight.

Bob: Yep, I'm feeling that.

John: So what's the plan?

Bob: Start in the Goose, head to the Bull and hook up with some others, then get into Schpunk at the Wedge for about midnight?

John: Schweeeeeeeeeeeet...
by Mr. Duffy April 04, 2011
Sledging with a skateboard, having removed the wheels.
John: hey dude, you coming sledging?

Bob: sorry dude, ain't got no sledge.

John: just take the wheels off your skateboard, innit. Skledging.

Bob: dude!
by Mr. Duffy December 04, 2010
Behaviour outside the realms of normal, with respect to the individual.

To do one's own thing.

To 'give the birdie' to the world and make a concerted effort to annoy / piss off / offend as many people as possible in a given timeframe.
John: Er... is Calvin off on one?
James: Nope - he usually chases pigeons on his lunchbreak.

James: Woah - does Miranda usually dance on tables whilst inebriated, sans underwear??
John: Nope - she's off on one.
by mr. duffy March 07, 2010
The process of connecting an employee to a laptop in order to facilitate a greater yield in productivity. Usually performed via guilt, fear, loyalty or clause in contract of employment.
Bob: dude, why are you still working on that thing?? It's past midnight and you're on holiday in Vegas!!

John: ah crap, my company has this tethering clause in all their contracts - I have to finish this report no matter what!

Bob: dude!
by mr. duffy April 08, 2010
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