6 definitions by Mr. Dirthole

This is a male who has a large cock and can go deep into the pussy hole. Most men can't go this far since they have a little penis. Cunt Divers can make a women scream and can cause them to pass out in some cases. Also Cunt Divers can make a pussy squirt half way acroos a room. Cunt Divers have to be carefull so they don't cause internal bleeding to some poor bitch.
Did you see how Sara was walking this morning? A Cunt Diver must of got ahold of her last night.
by Mr. Dirthole March 22, 2012
This is in fact the leader of all cock smokers. This is a fag or cock gobblin. A real dick sucker. Leader of all fags, queers, homos, and drag queens. You can't get any higher of a reading from the gaydar from this person. One who takes any cock in there mouth. This person will most likely have herpies on there lips.
Wow!, Bill will suck any ones dick who ask him to. That faggot must be the captain cock smoker.
by Mr. Dirthole March 22, 2012
This is that dirty little hole most men dream of dumping there greek cheese into. It is called dirthole since it is the hole shit comes from. It can be a clean hole to fuck if you blast warm water from a water bottle into it. Ps. make sure your in the shower for this task. After that you can ground and pound that asshole all you want.
I would love to grab sara's pretty little ass and pound my dick into her juicy little dirt hole.
by Mr. Dirthole March 22, 2012
A person who likes to kiss dicks. Bitch that teases you with thinking your going to get the best damn blow job ever, but she never follows through. Also a funny cut down to call someone you want people to think they kiss dicks.
That Jane sure is a goober smoocher. She is such a cock tease.
by Mr. Dirthole March 22, 2012
This is another name for your asshole, fartbox, shithole, rectum, and dirthole. This definition gives you the empression that it is in fact a long stinky shoot.
I bet she would long some cock in her nice little Stink Shoot. Why are you walking funny? You get pounded in your Stink Shoot again?
by Mr. Dirthole August 24, 2012
This is rare, but can happen if your not carefull. This is when a girl has some dude cum on her tits and you go in for the MotorBoat. You come up with a face full on cum. Kinda looks like there is water in the oil since its so white. Oh wait a sec it's cum on your face dumb shit.
No! Don't do it bro, he just put a big load on her.....damn! to late, he just had a Motorboat Leak.
by Mr. Dirthole March 22, 2012

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