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To generically and slangy explain what the "gangster" is doing, wearing, saying, or with.
Yo - what is Andre wearing? Don't sweat it, it’s a "G Thang".

What were you doing with those hoodlums last night? None of your business fool....It was a "G Thang".
by Mr. Crumby January 11, 2006
A woman who dates and or marries an older men. Usually for the security (financial or other) an older man can provide.
Yo....Donalds wife is a real geezer pleaser...she only loves him for his money.

Isn't that cute....Hilary really loves Eric...and I thought she was just being a geezer pleaser.
by Mr. Crumby February 10, 2006
To insert the tip and only the tip of the penis into the vagina, and or anus. Commonly done after prom.
Man....I did not have any condoms so Alicia would only let me tip dunk her last night.

by Mr. Crumby February 09, 2006
When a girl/guy is giving you a rim job and you blow some ass gas in her/his face.
"Too funny" Manny said to Chico "Last night Vannessa was eating my ass and I let go with some Baltimore Wind!".

Todd decided to go to far south on me last night so I gave him some Baltimore Wind to get him back into the right place.
by Mr. Crumby January 13, 2006
To Fart a foul smelling cloud of gas. The stench having similarities of Limburger cheese or any
There must be something wrong with Rogers insides, he Blows Cheese everywhere wo go.

Roger blew cheese last night in the studio and we could not go back in for a half hour it smelled so bad.
by Mr. Crumby January 13, 2006
"Big Boned Woman" This term has a not so nice way of saying - FAT.

Having big bones do not constitute an excuse for being over weight.

Women who consider them selves to be a "BBW" and are "proud" about it usually are extremely insecure, thus hiding their insecurity by "letting the world know" (loudly and obnoxiously) they are a BBW.

Some BBW will drop an excuse on you with you not even needing one. "I have a dysfunctional thyroid"; "I have a slow metabolism"

Some men hunt the BBW as some (60%) will take what they can get, this makes most BBW easy pickin for a sexual encounter.

Whatever makes you happy, remember - America has the most BBW in the world. So, in closing, if you like fat chicks come to the good old USA.
Mark is always on the prowl for a BBW.

Amy shouted out "I'm not fat! I'm big boned!" "that's right a BBW." Mark said, licking his lips.
by Mr. Crumby January 12, 2006
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