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The act of letting the other bloggers know you're finished with your rant. Derived from HTML code in which the rant block would have begun with <rant> and finished with </rant>.
Dougman25: Hey, Bill. How was your day?

Billosaurus17: Well I got totally cut off in traffic and then some asshole spit in my Big Kahuna Burger, my cat has rabies, I pretty much hate everyone in the world. Sorry. </rant>
by Mr. Crazybones August 29, 2007
Illinois city population 450. One-time high times weed capital of the WORLD. Now probably just the white-trash capital of the world. Mascot: Beecher City Eagles. This author is a proud one-time resident and alum.
"Man I was down at the store in Beecher City and this hillbilly tried to race trucks with me, but I just blew weed smoke in his face."
by Mr. Crazybones April 23, 2006

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