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women of low self esteem who find solace and validation for their otherwise shallow existence by constantly referring to brand names and/or prominently displaying them on their clothing for others tho see under the erroneous notion that this will impress those around them and fool them into thinking that they are wealthy, intelligent, talented and/or important persons in the societies in which they live. Brand bitches are often times wealthy, but rarely are they intelligent, talented and/or important to society at large. They often flock in groups which helps to sustain and perpetuate their collective illusion.
Looka doze brand bitches, struttin' dey stuff down da street like a walkin' billboard. Ho bitches, Calvin Klein be laughin' his ass all the way to the bank wif yo money you paid him to advertise his threads.
by Mr. Carl Cunnilanguage September 29, 2004
An imbecilic individual, usually a male person, who generally does not lack in mental prowess but is sorely lacking in charisma and the social skill necessary to apply his intellect in a useful, practical or agreeable manner. His lack of a sense of timing and appropriate behavior is only exceeded by the fact that he is oblivious to his condition, causing him to often assert and insert himself where he has no business. To make matters worse, he firmly believes that he is one of the coolest people on the planet. This makes him one of the most annoying creatures on earth and thus has earns him the title, CHEESE-DICK!
Wankleferd was sounding off in the meeting again today and jamming his nose up the bosses ass...what a cheesedick!
by Mr. Carl Cunnilanguage September 29, 2004

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