6 definitions by Mr. Bubblehead

Masturbating with a power tool or other mechanical device (usually done with a shop vac).
Russell is out in the shop giving himself a motor mickey.
by Mr. Bubblehead March 23, 2005
A person who ejaculates on a woman's breasts.
My girlfriend appreciates the fact that I am a nipple knocker.
by Mr. Bubblehead March 22, 2005
The farting sound that occurs during sex, either from air being forced in and out of the vagina by the penis, or from the suction created from the moist sweaty skin of two people moving on top of each other.
I was screwing my girl last night, when all of a sudden her pussy started quiefing. Man, we had some fuction going on!
by Mr. Bubblehead March 23, 2005
When one has gas that produces a series of short, loud farts.
The Taco Bell I ate for lunch gave me a bad case of the ass chatter.
by Mr. Bubblehead March 22, 2005
Large, saggy breasts, usually very droopy and unattractively adorned with stretch marks, veins, and large areolas.
Damn, look at the shit bags on that bitch!
by Mr. Bubblehead March 22, 2005
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