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same as "get with it" or "get a clue"
"come on, we always spot you guys two points at game start, get with the program already!" haha
by Mr. B June 01, 2004
the police
the bronze are up ahead, slow down
by Mr. B June 01, 2004
slang for "follow the queen", a variation of seven card poker
"ok boys, this ones gonna be follow the bitch - no bitch, no game."
by Mr. B June 01, 2004
Another word for Calculator
Scientific Calculator
Graphic Calculator
by Mr. B November 04, 2004
To make a large sum of money
Damn warren buffet is checking a bag
by mr. b January 02, 2014
A bee that makes apples
Thanks to applebees, we can eat apples this year!
by Mr. B February 02, 2004
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