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a talk show which was originally a game show titled "Whose da Daddy?". Only features racial stereotypes who have untold amounts of sex with their entire neighborhood and can't find out who is the father of their badly named child. So instead of having any amount of dignity and privately going to a clinic, they embarass themselves on national television and have Maury proclaim that the deadbeat scumbag man is or is not the father. The woman runs to the back and cries, the scumbag dances on stage and Maury exploits these women for his own selfish gain. It is actually pretty entertaining to watch.
Maury: When it comes to 10 month old zudafitriashoshumba, Thuga you are not the father!

Thuga: I TOLD YA, I TOLD YA, I TOLD YA (dances)

Lafunda: (runs to the backstage, crying, camera does extreme closeup) OH MAW GAWD, I THOWTH YOU WAS THE DAD, OH MAW GAWD, OH GAWD!!! I NEVER HAD SEX WID ANYBODY, BUT THAT ONE OTHER BUSLOAD OF PEOPLE I DIDINT KNOW!!!

Maury: we'll help you find the father, on the MAURY SHOW.

Announcer: The maury show was paid for by the following.
#maury #show #evil #devil #television
by Mr. Zimpy November 23, 2009
An evil multibillion dollar corporation that used to be awesome but sold its soul to the devil and now makes terrible tv shows and movies. Only watched by fags and 12 year old girls, they make movies that suck so bad, and are always about a 16 year old whore who wants to be prom queen or high school musicals. I pray for the destruction of this channel, its killing mankind.
Walt Disney would be so embarrased to see the Disney Channel.
#disney #channel #terrible #satan #evil
by Mr. Zimpy December 20, 2009
The best genre of music ever, created by Cookie Monster in 1983.
Death Metal is not Satanic.
#death #metal #cookie #monster #music
by Mr. Zimpy November 23, 2009
a terrible brand of music where the singers only sing about failed relationships. The fans are 13 year old girls who are so stupid not to realize that the singers are too pretty to be turned down by a guy and that helps the girls relate to them. None of the pop artists write their own songs because they are way too stupid to pick up a pen and paper.
Pop music is horrible
#pop #music #relationships #artists #songs
by Mr. Zimpy November 23, 2009
A group of 3-5 homosexuals who claim to love girls. They lip-sync to terrible sounds and their songs are always about wanting to be girls and craving penises up their asses. The fact that this is music and popular proves humanity is doomed and music is dead.
Boy Bands are terrible, go listen to Slayer.
#boy #bands #suck #homo #shit
by Mr. Zimpy December 20, 2009
A Nu-Metal band that is extremely popular with Teens, mostly because their songs are so Angsty. They got 6 members in the band, everyone only knows the two vocalists. Mike Shinoda who raps, and Chester Bennington, who screams. There songs range from singing about sorrow and sorrow. They suck.
Linkin Park fans will give me a thumbs down.
#linkin #park #are #stupid #they #suck.
by Mr. Zimpy February 01, 2010
a person who lies to you that they are your friend when they really are just hanging out with you for their own benefit.
Person: I went out with this hot girl, she likes me a lot cause she says she wants to spend a lot of time with me!

Person2: thats nice, why don't you call her and talk to her?

Person: Oh no. she only said that she is doing the calling, and she only will call me when she's bored.

Person2: I think she's using you.

Person: No she's not!

#user #friend #benifit #lies #using
by Mr. Zimpy November 23, 2009
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